Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photographs - Kodari Crossover..........

The bus we travelled in upto Kodari. Very comfortable bus but the ride was bumpy.

A way side "Bhojanalaya" where we pecked at our packed breakfast. Please note Pepsi has made inroads in this remote hamlet - of Dhulikhel district.

A river meandering through with high hills acting as embankments. The highway was on these slopes hugging the hills.

A road recently cleared of debris lying on the side.

Kodari town is just a small strip. The hill with thick vegetation on the right is Tibet.

We only hoped and prayed that we never need to call any of these numbers.

Our group waiting for the final "Let us go" signal.

This is the gushing body of water that forms the natural border between Nepal and Tibet.

That is the Nepalese truck depot as seen from a higher level in Tibet.

Another view of Kodari from Tibet.

This is that famous "Friendship Bridge" linking Tibet to Nepal.

TATA trucks making their way into Nepal.

Our Toyota Land Cruiser - a sturdy 4500 cc 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Phujhu...our new found friend and an expert pilot of the powerful beast that took us around.

A glimpse of Kodari as we zipped across to Zhangmu and got stuck in a massive traffic snarl.


Solilo said...

Thanks for sharing pictures travelogue. Beautiful!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Great pictures!

manju said...

Wonderful pictures!