Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo Corner: Nyalam - Saga

Freshly laid out all-weather metalled roads from Nyalam

The first sun rays kissing the mountain tops.

Nature's handiwork. Jagged rocks at the top lend immense beauty to the plain mountains.

A small hamlet nestled in the foothills at peace with itself.

Mountains tower in the background. I appear a bit off balance due to the high altitude.

Up at the Lalung-la pass (5100 mtrs) braving biting cold winds howling past us.

A sample of the desolate landscape and endless plateaus.

Tibetan kids wanting to be photographed. This was after eating chocolates, dry fruits and biscuits.

The cozy little dining room near Lake Peigutso.

Note the vibrant colours and elaborate designs.

One more....

Lake Peigutso.

Some reflections.......

literally speaking.......

Is this an Tibetan owl?......my attempt to get some unique snaps.


Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous collection of photographs!!! Absolutely picture postcard beauty :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Wow! Spectacular stuff.

BK Chowla said...

First Sun rays......beautiful pics.

manju said...

Wonderful pictures- particularly the reflections!

Anrosh said...

mavin, i read and saw every picture. i'll get in touch with you someday to know how to make this trip. i have to see the wild wild hills and mountains and drink in the peace and . as you asked me in my blog - i became an outdoors person after i met my husband.

congragulations for taking the trip.

Mavin said...

Thank you everybody.

Anrosh...you must go there maybe before an India - China war completely stops all civilian border crossings. :-)

Priyank said...

Owl is a good observation indeed, I needed some time to understand what was going on... :)

Parasmani said...

Enjoyed your photos of Man Sarovar and Kailash. Managed to read the first two parts of your log too. Will catch up soon.
Did you see any birds near the Sarovar? The much fabled Haans(Swan)?