Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo Corner: Paryang to Chu Gompa - View of Kailash

The road taken to the final destination. We are just a short distance away from our first view of Kailash.

A slightly closer view of Kailash as soon a we turned around a bend. Note this mountain towers above every other mountain in the entire range.

First view of Lake Mansarovar...conveying a sense of tranquility.

The closest view yet on our way to our place of stay. The left ridge looks like an arm of the Divine throne.

The massive Gurla Mandhata range opposite the Kailash (a good 75 odd kms away). Its glaciers feed the Mansarovar.

Chu Gompa - a beautiful monastery on the banks of Lake Mansarovar.

Lake Mansarovar seen from the compound of our guest house.

Our guest house just beside the Lake.

A full moon shining down on the still lake and creating a surreal atmosphere.

Another view of the shimmering lake.


Krishnan said...

Great pics, Nature at its Best !
I am spellbound by the pics. Hope I get a chance in my lifetime to visit this awe inspiring place.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures again!!Chu Gompa looks beautiful!!! The shimmering lake is amazing too... did you take these pictures??

Love the open, empty spaces!!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Terrific pictures Mavin. Feel blessed.

manju said...

These pictures are fantastic, Mavin!

Mavin said...

Yes IHM....I did click these pictures.

Sakhi said...

WOW! what view!! I hope one day i be able to visit this place... one day! :)

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Pics are too good! Thanks for posting them here.

Mavin said...

I thank everyone.

Sakhi - Welcome to My Voice and do read the entire series on my trip to Kailsh Mansarovar.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are too good to be true!!Inspiring yet hard to believe, so clean, so pure, so pristine like our souls!! Journey of a life time truly.