Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paryang to Chu Gompa - First View of Mt Kailash

We were a little tired of the long journey and wished that we reach K-M asap. This was the last day of a long drive and today we would get our first look at the holy mountain and lake.

We met many groups returning and so much unnecessary information would get exchanged. I exhorted my group yatris not to enquire about the parikrama as we would only sap our determination to complete. Unfortunately, some of returning yatris started advising caution and there the seed of doubt had been planted. Soon every one started imagining the worst and started their fight against imaginary monsters. One yatri even announced that he would drop out from the parikrama and atleast two others began wavering.

I could see this was a perfect recipe for disaster. I had to shake out of this first and proclaimed loudly that I was comfortable and would definitely go ahead the parikrama. Soon we had to convince only one yatri. An important point for all planning a yatra hereafter. Do not ask any returning group about their experience. You will definitely meet atleast one person who has had a bad experience. That feedback may just ruin your trip.

We were driving through vast plateaus watching the road construction crews working at a frenetic pace to get a decent road in place. The landscape had returned back to being dull.

After a drive of over five hours we were just a mound away from our first view of Mt Kailash and there it was. What a sight....towering head and shoulders above the other high-rises, majestic, wearing a snow robe and reclining in deep meditation.

I shall upload closer views in the Photo Corner. The sky was overcast but cleared as we got nearer.

It was soon time to get the first gimpse of Lake Mansarovar. A huge waterbody with an area of almost 115 sq kms, it has a magic like quality. Very serene it transports you to another world.

We crossed an outpost at Hor Chu (spelt differently by Chinese, Tibetans and Indians) and then wonder of wonders we joined a superb highway which extended all the way to the Indian border just about 100+ kms from Lake Mansarovar. We sped to one corner of the lake where we would be camping near the Chu Gompa, a beautiful monastery.

It was a beautiful spot with Mt Kailash towering on one side, the lake on the other and the monastery in between. We were there and that is all that mattered.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Never seen Kaiash Parvat from this angle. Waiting for the photo gallery.

Anonymous said...

I agree, one person shows a positive attitude and everybody feels more positive :)
Your descriptions make one wish to go there too. This is a very interesting series!

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Paradise, unbelievable. Best description- towering head, shoulders above the other high rises, majestic,, wearing a snow robe and reclining in deep meditation. Very well described.