Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photo Corner: Nyalam

From the terrace of our guest house, this hill with ribbon like clouds towered above us.

That is Nyalam and its only street. It is a slow morning where signs of life are just about visible.

Bird's eye view of this small town. Much is occupied by the Chinese Army.

On the trek...my Mumbai co-yatris with our sherpas Neema and Autar. Celebrating before reaching the top.

Yours truly - some well deserved rest on the way up.

Up above the sky so high.....A small victory of sorts and it was celebration time. Out came all the goodies.

Hill tops or peaks are characterised by stone pyramids known as "chortens" and prayer flags tied to many posts covering a large area.

Fickle weather and we were soon swamped by clouds.

That's me....Lord and master of all I survey.

A sample of some ankle high flora.

Mahjong...the favourite passtime.

Our guest house at Nyalam bordering a China Telecom building.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Great snaps!

manju said...

Great pictures! The clouds seem so low in the first one!

Mavin said...

Thank you


Just like a ribbon across. When we went up one such hill/mountain, we had clouds around us.

BK Chowla said...

You seem to be a man with a lot of adventure spirit.
Pics are very impressive.

Krishnan said...

Wonderful pics, absorbing write-up, can't wait for more, Mavin !

Priyank said...

Nice pics. Chhortens are small shrines that have some kind of holy relics stored inside them. We call them Stupas in India.

Anonymous said...

This was awesome, made me very envious... :) Loved the clouds in the first one... it's really nice that you have recorded this here!!