Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kathmandu in Pictures

There are no security guards in view nor are there any signs prohibiting photography. A welcome change from our security obsessed establishment.

Aha...that's me. Happy that I finally made it to the Himalayan Kingdom (I still exist in the old world)....sorry Himalayan Nation.. and am still recovering from the shock of a "no-security" airport.

The "dreaded" swine flu had reached here. Some young doctor placed a gun like contraption on my forehead and then let me pass. I had to fill a screening card and was questioned about my health.

I survived the inquisition and walked out of the Tribhuvan International Airport.

This magnificent structure was our place of stay. Imposing and very well maintained - Hotel Shanker. Situated in the Lazimpat area of the capital, this hotel is very near the erstwhile Royal Palace.

Well manicured lawns and a pleasing arrangement gives a soothing feeling.

Some exquisite work on metal and wood as part of the hotel annexe.

A peek indoors....down the corridor.

Those eyes.....they keep following you...

The ceiling in my room. Looks like some Michaelangelo was at work here...


J P Joshi said...

Beautiful pictures!

BK Chowla said...

Very nice pics.I visited Nepal years back but did not take any pictures.