Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo Corner: Nandi Parbat and Serlung Gompa

This is the spot where we got off to trek up the hill.

Kailash hiding behind a thick cloud cover

Nandi Parbat squatting in front of Kailash (a small portion seen on the left side)

That's me with Kailash still under a thick cloud cover.

We see both Kailash and Nandi Parbat here and the clouds have still not stirred. Nandi Parbat was about forty five minutes from where we stood and Kailash maybe an hour or two further.

Resting after a strenuous climb.

Another angle to the whole thing.

That's the Mumbai team with Autar and Neema our Sherpas.

See that!...Our jeeps are small specks (right central of the photograph) and we climbed all the way up.

One final look before we descended and the clouds were still there. :-(

A small consolation. Nandi Parbat was clearly visible.

Serlung gompa

Stupa outside the gompa.

Guru Rinpoche is worshipped here.

Another view of Guruji.

Lo and behold...clouds clearing up revealing a stately Kailash.

There it is.....with no clouds to hide its grandeur.

Descending down to our jeep park.

A close-up of the royal Tibetan beast.


manju said...

Wonderful photographs! So interesting to see the clouds retreat, to reveal the glory of Mount Kailash!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Terrific snaps. What a mejestic mountain; no wonder Kailash is the abode of Shiv-Parvati!

Krishnan said...

Great pics Mavin. Tibet no wonder carries the sobriquet of The Roof of the World.

Anrosh said...

and this was a 15 day trip ?

Smitha said...

Wow! So so beautiful!

Solilo said...

Fabulous photos! a trip to cherish!

LAKSHMI said...

What beautiful memories. What a trip.

Mavin said...

Thank you!

Anrosh - yes it was a 16 day Mumbai to Mumbai trip

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures!!! Glad the clouds cleared finally... and that was some climb ... and how much worth the efforts!!

Stevens said...

Great pics Mavin. Tibet no wonder carries the sobriquet of The Roof of the World.