Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo Corner: Mansarovar

Southern expanse of water seen from Gotuk Gompa

The Lake waters to the north with the outer walls of the Gompa seen at left.

That's me just before getting through a small doorway. Need to bow down while entering.

Inside the main prayer room.

Diyas lit by us. The use yak butter instead of oil.

The Lama explaining about monasteries that ring the lake at various points and their importance.

A view of Rakshas Tal

Entering the lake for our bath. The water was icy cold. The one you see right inside is the Russian co-yatri and for them water was luke warm.

Meditation cum puja cum dining room at the Mansarovar guest house.

Preparations for the puja.

Puja in progress

9 comments: said...

Lovely post!

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LAKSHMI said...

Takes me back to tibet
on lake manasrover lake

what beautiful memories


manju said...

What lovely photos!The water looks so calm and serene!

BK Chowla said...

Having lived in Metro cities all along,it looks so different and so beautiful.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Hamari bhi Teerth yatra ho rahi hai! Thank you Mavin.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Really enjoying the pics taken along the journey!

Anrosh said...

does the yak butter taste differently from the buffalo milk butter ? or the cow milk butter.

oh my my..this is all sounding great.

Mavin said...


No no no...I did not taste yak butter. I did ask for yak milk but the Tibetan guide advised us against it. We could have upset tummies as we were not used to that and nobody wanted to risk it.

The drivers and guides used to have yak milk mixed with roasted flour and yak meat with noodles regularly.

It may make sense to try out tibetan food in a more sanitised environment. I believe that their food habits are very simple.

Though we now see the Chinese making beer and cigarettes very cheap and accessible at every small hamlet. The Tibetan youth seem to be heavily addicted to both these.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating series... fabulous collection of photographs.... this is a great series Mavin!!

I loved Anrosh's question, it must have been some experience, so you did inquire about Yak butter and milk!!