Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photo Corner:Zulthulpuk and Back to Base

That is our kitchen tent. Two smaller tents pitched by our Tibetan support staff.

Five tents in a row accomodated us.

Mountains that ringed us with pleasant meadows at ground level.

Mother Nature's fine carvings on each mountain face.

Our tents against the backdrop of another mountain.

Yaks grazing beyond the river.

Our kitchen busy churning out stuff for hungry tummies.

Busy with a dice game.


A cute little tent with attentive fans following the game within.

Gods celebrating.....a rainbow on the hill opposite our tent.

The return walk.

Orange moss.....has anyone seen this before??

A not-so-amused yak.

As our path gained height, the river gained width.

That's me at one of the spots.

This Tibetan couple did their parikrama by doing the "shashtang namaskar" along the entire route.

Another picture

Full prostration on the ground.

Our jeeps waiting to pick us up in the distance.

Our entire group successfully completed the parikrama.

Our invaluable Sherpa team.

A small puja and a prayer before we retraced our final steps.

The "welcome gate" at Hor chu" which we missed whilst coming.

Sonam and Pujhu our constant companions.


manju said...

Thanks for taking us along, through these posts, on your wonderful journey to Mansarovar and back!

Vinod_Sharma said...

I echo Manju's sentiments. Thank you Mavin for making us take this hole journey in total comfort...It's His Will.

Anonymous said...

Is that fire in that photograph!!!?!

This feels like having been there and seeing it all - but also makes me envious...
...nature's carvings and the rainbow are beautiful!! Living in tents and the games [with fans!!! :)] is absolutely awesome !!

This series has been amazing... now going to see the post I have missed :)

LAKSHMI said...

Hi Anil

Great pictures brings back such great
vivid memories



To everyone have a great Diwali

BK Chowla said...

Whatever I know about this place is through your posts only.Thank you.

Krishnan said...

Hi Mavin, wishing you and your family members a very happy Diwali.