Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back on Track

What began as a casual approach to writing a travelogue (for the first time) eventually turned out to be a twenty eight post magnum opus spread over almost two months. (I keep discovering myself).

Once I started writing, I felt the need to share many details and it just kept increasing. I never this series would extend so long. I must acknowledge the encouragement and appreciation shown by my blogger friends through this series.

In the meantime, the world has continued its relentless march onwards and I am trying to get back on track of regular and routine life. This period has seen its usual share of bomb blasts, audacious attacks, inane debates, foreign policy gaffes, border intrusions and tit-for-tat war of words, controversies on the Games-2010, floods and destruction, festivals and holidays galore and ofcourse elections.

Such a lot to write on or comment on other blogs. It is time to put thinking caps on, shake of the writers block (especially after a long series) and come back on track. I did make time to write a guest post on "India Retold" discussing the political situation in Maharashtra. Now let me ponder over what should I write on.....(Suggestions welcome).


BK Chowla said...

I enjoyed your travelogue.It must have been a good experience for you too.
Look forward to reading your posts again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anil,

It is a great account of your Yatra, I have read through all you posts.

We are planning this yatra during this year.

Best Wishes