Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photo Corner: Dolma La Pass and Onwards

These photographs were taken by Mr. Raju Joshi from Mumbai. He completed the yatra about a month before us. I did not have my camera during the climb.

A side view of the Kailash Northern face.

A steep climb with boulders liberally strewn across.

A gentle slope after that steep climb.

Another angle. The valley is known as Kukker Valley.

A long long trudge straight and then up we go.

Another long climb up after we turned the corner.

Sheer rock and snow up there.

Now nearing the top - just a vey sharp climb up.

One more view of the task at hand.

What it looks like from the top....dizzying to say the least.

The final hump before the Dolma La pass.

A small piece of flat land at the top before we begin our descent to the top. Ponies are available upto this point. We have to climb down the sharp descent.

Gauri Kund - Goddess Parvati's private space and also said to be Lord Ganesha's place of birth.

Overcast sky....a complete whiteout.

A view of the descent route.

Frozen river.....a small glacier.

The long descent.

Yatris on their way down. Those you see with hats on are Bons who do the parikrama walking anti-clockwise.