Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Journey Across Time

It has been over a month that I have posted on my blog. Prior to that it was one post a month. That makes for a poor three posts in four months of 2010.

I can attribute this to a writer's block. A phase where one experiences a mental black-out and becomes philosophical about life et al. A writer's block can be devastating and the after effects tend to linger on for a longish period. I have been through this hibernation and have snapped out of this reverie suitably refreshed. Hope to come back with a fresh perspective on every matter that interests me.

The last three weeks have been spent on a road trip that took my family and I across varying terrain of Karnataka. I drove 2800 kms across various places and came back with a rich experience. This trip certainly merits a post.

As I drove on those endless roads, I got a chance to appreciate pristine beauty of the land at leisure. There were no schedules and no compulsion to hurry. Ironically, much of this beauty has been preserved as there has been very little development as we understand it in the modern sense. Have we missed a point here? 
I also got to observe people go about their lives with enthusiasm despite being deprived of basic creature comforts. Their lives are so simple and they are happy with so little. Neither the summer heat nor the seemingly hard life saps their energy or diminish their smiles.

Contrast this with us city folk. We have so many things going for us and, yet, our cribs are endless. We have so much and, yet, we have a sense of lack and our country cousins live in a sense of abundance inspite of having so little.

Not only was I travelling back in time, but I was also travelling from India to that vast, beautiful, under-rated and perhaps, a happy भारत.


BK Chowla, said...

It is time we realise that India is actually divided into two.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Good to hear that you are back, rejuvenated both by the break and by the contact that you re-esyablished with the Bharat that still runs in our veins and is integral to our genes.

Looking forward to some great posts!

LAKSHMI said...

Anil welcome back really missed you blogs

photos please

Mavin said...

Hello everyone...

Nice to be back...