Monday, May 4, 2009

One Year since....

...I took my first tentative steps in this vast and fascinating e-universe. It has been a great experience to say the least. A modest output and the fact that I lasted a year gives me a renewed lease of life.

Let me try and jot down a few things that come to mind when I look back at theyear that has gone by and ponder on "What has this one year in blogging given me?...."

The realisation that it takes tremendous discipline to write meaningful posts and, importantly at regular intervals and, further, more importantly be able to sustain the level of passion and interest. I am continually amazed at the output of some of our illustrious bloggers.

That, there are many people who are more intelligent, articulate and better thinkers and writers than me and this humbling experience has shown me my place....Thank God for puncturing my big ego balloon.

That, writing which emerges out of inner reflection is far more satisfying than that done for the sake of filling that post.

That, human creation is awe inspiring and never fails to amaze. Every blog that I have read (and that does add up to a significant number) has some message that touches you in some way or the other. So many million streams of thought all flowing independently and in a creative fashion, but the underlying and unifying thread is the same.

That, so many people are so creative, albeit many behind the cloak of anonymity, it makes me wonder whether we should applaud a few for their creative juices. Amazing stories, experiences, travelogues, political and social commentary, art, photography, health and cooking, personal blogs and what have you...The sheer breadth and depth never fails to leave you breathless.

I would like to thank each one of you fellow bloggers who have come in my orbit and left your indelible mark here. I gratefully acknowledge the value of our interaction and the positive effect it has had.


Anrosh said...

Thank You to you - your posts and comments pierces gravity and the breadth.

BK Chowla said...

Very well written and genuine thoughts.I appreciate your having covered all the bloggers.

Final_Transit said...

Exactly what every on of us feels. :) Congratulations for your first blogoversary and looking forward to many more!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Hearty Congrats Mavin! And many more to come.

Your blog has been been very illuminating and you have always managed to get me thinking. "Writing which emerges out of inner reflection" aptly describes your posts. You may not written as much as some of us have, possibly because you have much lesser time, but whenever you have, it has been a joy to read you.

They say that those who give up blogging usually do so within six months. You are no quitter and we hope to keep coming back here to to read your nuggets of wisdom and knowledge.

manju said...

Congratulations, Mavin, on your first blog anniversary!

Quality is more important than quantity, and there is quality in plenty in your posts.

Looking forward to reading many more thought-provoking posts on this blog!

Indyeah said...

Congratulations on completing a year of blogging! :))

Your posts are thought provoking and more :)
like Manju said quality over quantity :)
here's to many more such anniversaries:)

Solilo said...

Congratulations on your first Blog anniversary!

Looking forward to more informative posts from you.

Kislay said...

Happy Anniversary Sir .

Smitha said...

Congratulations on the milestone!!!

I really look forward to your posts! They are fantastic, very well researched and so very informative! Looking forward to many more!!

prerna said...

Congratulations Mavin.It is always a pleasure to read your posts because they are so honest.Keep posting.

Indian Homemaker said...

What a beautiful post to celebrate your one year in the blogging world. I feel the same awe upon seeing the amazing number of and kinds of blogs.. each with their own personality!!

Yours is amongst the earliest blogs I started reading... Your blog is a part of my blogenvironment :)I am sure we will be reading many, many more of your informative posts:)

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Congrats, Mavin! Looking forward to more insights about finance, India... anything that you would want to share with us.

Mavin said...

To each and everyone of you..

A big thank-you.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Ah you write like a seasoned writer. Never imagined you started blogging only a year ago!

Krishnan said...

You write so lucidly Mavin. Great way to go.

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Mavin said...

LVS and Krish,