Thursday, October 9, 2008

Should I or Shouldn’t I - A quirky dilemma

Just the other day as I was blog surfing, I noticed that IHM (Indian Home Maker) had tagged me. I would certainly have missed that tag had I not spotted it that day. This tag requires me to list my “Quirks” and “Addictions”. This was the first time I have been tagged and I was gaping at the screen thinking, "Quirks" - but I do not have any and "Addictions" - what is that???

I have seen this “tag business” a couple of times on other blogs. Many were interesting, some were quite amusing and a few tended to be bordering on the “outrageous”.

The next thing in my mind was “What is this – should I ignore this?” or “Hey come on – be a sport and play the game”. Then it went “But, my blog is not personal – I talk about everything else about India” and “Should I dilute this positioning”. The other side of the brain went “You speak your mind on various issues – Here the issue is yourself” and “What positioning – stop taking yourself so seriously” and so on till I realized a week had passed.

I woke up when Priyank sent “Blog Recession ka – Jara update kara ki” (Why this blog recession – Please update) I took it as a directive and shed all my vacillation.

Here we go (IHM – please note)

My first - is this great human quality of indecisiveness. I vacillate like an oscillator before I am forced to decide out of sheer exhaustion.

My second – is this amazing ability to sleep any time any where. A five minute nap whilst taking a ten minute ride is a piece of cake. After long years of traveling in Mumbai local trains, I have perfected the art of sleeping whilst I am standing (in the local train only).

My third – is this absolutely maddening ability to keep a straight face when some one has cracked a joke (a good joke that is) and stare through that person saying “So…”. This wet blanket is so infuriating that I almost expect a WHACK…on my face….

My fourth – is a “masti” or “keeda” (this is Mumbai Hindi) when driving my car. Drive slowly in the fast lane and induce road rage or do not start immediately when the signal turns green and watch people go hyper and get palpitations.


My fifth – is having a “puran-poli” which has been drenched in “Heated Ghee” (aka as “toop” – t as in “talwar”), taking an hour to finish it and then sit licking my fingers contemplating on “How beautiful Life is…..(for puran-poli eaters)”. This is my idea of heaven on earth.

I solemnly state that the above mentioned is the Truth – the Complete Truth – and Nothing but the Truth.

IHM – I chose not to ignore your tag. Cheers!!!

Who should I tag this on to? I will think and vacillate and oscillate and decide next week……..after all that is my first quirk.


Indian Home Maker said...

@mavin First of all, my fault, I was supposed to leave a comment to let you know you were tagged!

Glad you chose not to ignore this tag, your readers will enjoy this hilarious post.
Sleeping while standing in trains is fortunate, when others are tired you have will have refreshed yourself.
The funniest is inducing road rage and I can so picture the palpitations LOL :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Mavin, some rip-roaring quirks! The most irritating is the road rage careful. These days you don't know which BMW may ram into you!

Priyank said...

haha, good one.

I share your second and fifth quirk. #2 is an art and we Mumbaikars seem to have perfected it - not by hobby but out of helplessness. #5, well, I can't do much about it sitting here :-( The closest I get is a pancake with maple syrup :P

PS: Consider linking to other people's blogs when you mention them in your posts - works like a 'community' reference and the other person knows

Mavin said...


It was great fun doing this post - just for a lark.


BMWs are agining a notorius reputation. With traffic clogging and average speeds of 15 kmph a ram in the back side will hurt but not that much I guess.

Anyway, with the markets being what they are the backside is sore anyway.


Maple syrup ugh (mala bilkul aavdat nahi)...

This computer illiterate finally figured out how to link. Thanks for the tip. (aajun shikto aahe.

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Hi Mavin. Nice to see you playing along with tags and all. Got to go back to our childhood. For your first quirk did you try "akkad, bakkad..." It works! For your second I envy you. I cant sleep on anything that moves. For your third, I never knew this, but of course I never crack jokes anyway, so no chance of experiencing this. For your fourth a new term needs to be coined for this behaviour in consultation with a psychologist. The fifth - alls well that ends well.

Anonymous said...

Took you a week to take up a tag? Hmmmm, definitely a Tula ascendant - its a Libran trait.

I wonder what puranpoli is - sounds divine.

Sleep anywhere - oh wow I envy you

Anrosh said...

just the other day, i was on the subway travelling for an hour which is very unusual for me, and i fell asleep.. old habits die hard. yes, i too have slept and even wrote reports standing (those were the days a computer generated report was not needed.

Mavin said...

Hello Anrosh,

You bet!!!

A short nap can be very refreshing.

prerna said...

I share the second quirk. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.
About the fourth, I would love too but it is not safe to take panga(I don't know the English substitute) on Delhi roads, road rage is common.