Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unclear Leads – Political Drama Reaches its Climax

The high political drama that we witnessed till a couple of days was purportedly about the Nuclear Deal.

The climax scene was unique and never seen before. You had speeches with amazing qualities. Some were earnest, others vitriolic, and few were a dead sure cure for the most chronic and stubborn insomnia. Most were, however, completely off the mark. You also had a clever addition of a cameo by three “Roughies-Toughies” who did the “Jumping Jack – Magician” trick. They jumped into the well (not the paniwala) and materialized crisp currency notes out of thin air. (Because u could not have got all that stuff through tight security)

The next so-called economic superpower had to suffer the ignominy of the electronic voting mis-firing for atleast fifty-four MPs. I think this was deliberate as it added a dash of suspense at the end.

As we had seen earlier, there was no fixed script so all deviations and innovations were part of this new form of dramatization and they added to the rich hue of this play.

The script required some one to come out victor and as we all know the Cong/UPA side of the cast breasted the tape.

Like all “good things”, this too has come to an end. The audience was witness to some amazing and innovative drama form. The end was marked by relief, wild applause, gloom and outrage, depending on which section of the audience you belonged.

The curtains finally fell on what was a historic event in our history.

The jury is still out on whether this was a proud or a shameful moment.


Vinod_Sharma said...

The proceedings in Parliament on July 22 touched a new low, as you have brought out. There is a need to give ou model of democracy, or what we have made of it a really hard look.

For a nation aspiring to be the next super power, it is a sorry state of affairs.

Mavin said...

You are right Vinod.

Our society and political framework has to evolve.

It will need some charismatic leader who can capture the imagination of the whole country to initiate this process.

Thanks for dropping by.

shubho said...

Initially I was thinking why the Congress party was so notoriously active to win the trust vote. it cannot be only the nuclear deal because the US had already assured that they will have no problem to deal with even a minority Indian government. After the trust vote win I did notice the three immediate activities of the UPA government. Rushing for the nuclear deal, receiving reform advices from the powerful business block and assuring them for faster reform because 'we are liberated from the Left now' and indicating to go ahead with the Setu Samudram project. Now I think I have understood the necessity.

Mavin said...

Once in power, apart from your agenda, you have to deal with various compulsions from all directions.

It depends on the skill of the team at the top on how they can negotiate through all this without losing their way.

The real test is how visionary any government of the day is and what they do that will have a lasting positive impact on the nation.

Sadly, we have yet to see that from this government.