Saturday, August 11, 2012

The End or a New Beginning

A writer's block is probably the most painful and requires considerable effort to overcome. This post is the result of an epic battle fought and won over ennui and a blank mind.

The world around us seems to be going about its job and we are eight months into this year 2012, which was hyped as the one which shall witness the end of mankind or something like that. Calculations made by the Mayan tribes and the end of a certain calendar has been interpreted to signify a cataclysmic end.

The fear psychosis does not seem to have spread as was expected and charlatans hoping to make a quick buck would be sorely disappointed at the turn of events. Media has been caught in a web of its own doings and the great Indian political and social drama continues unabated. Unmistakably, though, one can sense a level of restlessness never seen before and the minds turning to the negative and morbid.

At the same time, a sure change sweeping across is the rise of spirituality and the tired mind trying to seek refuge and "live" in the real sense of the term. I have seen so many agnostics turn towards spirituality, (as distinct from religion and rituals) that I keep wondering endlessly.

If one takes refuge in our ancient philosophy, the end, sad though inevitable,  also signifies the start of a new cycle or a new era.A fresh beginning hopefully will be on a cleaner state and there is an environment that encourages the realising of full human potential.

This is a time for change. Change is in the air. It may not seem obvious to most but it is perceptible. 

I do not know which way this can go but change is inevitable.  This is not a divine occurance and the change is being brought in by us - the human race.

I believe this change shall herald in a new beginning where values will matter and society will be more humanistic. The responsibility for this rests on us. I feel I am upto this challenge and am contributing. Are You?


Born to Travel said...

Welcome back Anil really glad you back. No i do not believe december 2012 the end of the world. The mayan empire collapsed at the end 750ad

Good luck and welcome back. You inspired me to start a photo blog and i am not a writer.

Happy 3rd anniversary of your mt kailash yatra


Rajesh and Lutchmee
South Africa

Mavin said...

Hello my dear friends. Should'nt you re-phrase your statement to "Our Mt Kailash Yatra.